Committing to the Walk

Dear Walkers,

Thank you to those of you who have already registered through the form on the website   The walk is 8 weeks away now. Exciting times!!

We are in the process of trying to order food and lock in transport, and as such, we really need to start confirming numbers.

Given the nature of being a mobile community in the desert with only one big water tank and one kitchen truck (don’t worry, these are re-fillable, but we need some planning to make it happen), we do have a maximum capacity of walkers that we can accommodate at any one time.


 To help us confirm numbers and also start purchasing the food, we are asking that people pay a $50 (per adult deposit) to secure your place.  If you have already registered online, many thanks, and we look forward to walking on country with you.

Please make this deposit as soon as you can, we ask that all registrations and deposits are made by the 10th July so as we can start ordering food and other necessaries.

This $50 will count towards your first contribution of the $5-$10 a day that we are requesting people pay towards food during the walk.  If you want to come but are unable to make the $50 deposit by the 10th July, please contact me and we can arrange something.

Please transfer the $50 (per family or adult joining) to the Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group (details below).

NOTE:  When you’re making the deposit please ensure that you put your name in the reference field so we can make sure who had paid!  If you are a family registering, you can use your last name, and please indicate how many people are included.

Direct Deposit – Bendigo Bank

Account Name: Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group

BSB: 633-000

Account Number: 137443347

Reference: YOUR NAME (& number of people coming with you if a family e.g.  Hogan x5)


A note on TRANSPORT….

We are in the process of booking buses to take people up to the start of the walk.  We need to confirm numbers before we finalise the bus bookings.  Hence this rego confirmation and deposit process!

We have also updated the registration form, so those of you who have already registered we have a couple of other questions to help with the transport logistics..

Do you need a ride to Yeelirrie?

We will be running a bus from Perth to Yeelirrie at a cost of $80 per adult, or from Kalgoorlie for a cost of $50 per adult

There are some people taking their own cars up to join us at the start of the walk and we are encouraging people to car-pool.  I will be setting up a car-pool document to share in the next few days to help people organise to share rides.  I will keep you posted on this!

To recap…. Please do the following:

  1. Fill out the registration form online
  2. Make a $50 deposit to FANG bank account to secure your place
  3. Let us know of you need a ride to Yeelirrie

Exciting times!!!!  Looking forward to meeting you all soon when we begin!

More updates to come over the next few weeks in preparation.

Please remember that we would love it if you were able to do some fundraising for the walk!  Host a winter solstice dinner party, sell some of your delicious jam, put on a poetry night, put together a raffle, talk to your networks, have a bbq…

Much respect and joy,

Lemme know if you have any questions,


0421 816 846

Walking Strong, Speaking Strong photo exhibition

Dear Walkers and Friends,

Last week we finished our little Walking Strong, Speaking Strong photo exhibition through places in the South West.  We raised $1500 before costs were taken out, so banked nearly $1200 the other day to go straight to the Walkatjurra Walkabout!

We had about 30 people come to each of the nights.  Except for Walpole, where we made friends with the local ladies at a crochet group that was in the same building at the same time and did a skill and conversation swap – crochet for a while, photo / uranium / walk stuff for a while!  😉

It was a really great to be able to talk to some new people about the walk, get together and have a feed, (laugh at pictures of themselves that last year’s walkers may have found) and share some information about what’s happening with uranium mining right now in WA.

Lots of people purchased photographs, many of which were of the land out there near Wiluna.  Now they have their own little reminder of what it is we are working for when we are brave enough to speak up and speak out against mining uranium.

Some of the photographs didn’t sell this time round, and I’m looking into putting a few up around cafes in Perth (maybe even City Farm) as a way to share the love and share the message 😉

A huuuuge thankyou to the people along the way who helped the night happen.  Providing places for us to sleep, food for the event, writing articles to go into the local papers, putting the word out, helping us find venue, guest auctioneers….   It was a collaboration to make each of the nights happen!  Also another big thank you to Marcus from Balingup, who drove us from gig to gig – couldn’t have made it to each place without his generous help!

The Walkatjurra Walkabout preparations are really starting to come together.

Respect to you all having those little conversations every day and playing your own role in the scheme of things, looking forward to meeting you again if you’re coming on the walk!

Laura and Keri