Yeelirrie Road


Day 1

Day one started at Yileerrie with a spectacular desert sunrise, helped along by light cloud cover that we would learn to be very thankful for once we started to walk. With camp packed and breakfast had, we formed a circle and shared names, a thought for the day, hugs and a happy 8th birthday to one of the youngest walkers. And we were off, flags held high in the air and the Aboriginal flag setting the pace up front. Our mob of 30 something looked pretty good, wrapped in colour, of all ages and phases, escorted by three dogs and two camels, walking on the red sand.


And we walked and walked and stoped and walked and stoped. While it took us a fair few hours to trudge out the 15kms, there were plenty of smiles, conversations and reflective faces shared throughout the group, and mutual excitement when we saw camp set up and dinner on the boil. Tent city was erected in more of a suburban sprawl between the spineffex and mulga trees. We shared food around the fire and the luxury of birthday cake for dessert. Kado and this family joined the group and we yarned across the fire. From the snores in the early morning I think the camp slept well that night.

Day 2

It’s warm and dusty and the bandaides have started to appear for day two of walking. Even still we were packed up early and rearing to go. We said fair well to a few walkers who headed back to the city and then we set off again. With Kado in the lead we made a cracking pace, filled with stops for spotting out tracks and learning about the country we are walking through. The sun picked up it’s heat today and the group kept on, making camp at 2:30, where more bandaides and tending to feet was needed. There was a group reclaiming the road by practicing qi gong, stretching out to the lowering sun and others yarning under the shade of the trees, the smell of dinner drifting through camp. It’s pretty nice out here!


3 thoughts on “Yeelirrie Road

  1. Much Love from Massachusetts. We’re following the walk here in the U.S. and sharing stories of the amazing work you’re doing as well as planning lots of actions for the near future.
    Stay hydrated!
    Peace & Solidarity
    Vanessa (and fellow peace walkers and activists in the U.S.)

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