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Well today was a short day yet! 8 kms to an awesome spot with an old windmill on a shady riverbank. So today we couldn’t decide on one word to reflect on, so we had two reconciliation and awareness. Well ill tell you one thing we were aware that it was windy very windy. It was also the last night for our cameleers and their lift, who we said goodbye and thank you. Ulrike Rodrick, Justin and Vivian you will be missed, oh and of course narla and bijar the camels

The little people of our group got creative in the river bed and architecturally designed and built an entire village for tiny people equipped with streets town halls and many houses made from sticks rocks and grasses check out the pictures it was super cool!

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So back to our words of reflection; reconciliation a big one and hard one for a lot of us to make sense of, how do we reconciliate when concilliation was never achieved in the first place! So we all had our own take on that and some decided they were reconcilliating with mother earth.

Dinner people had an almighty challenge of cooking in the wind but managed to rise above and create an amazing dinner for us, with stories shared around the cooking fire (naughty naughty) and off to a windy sleep, that wasn’t without its misshaps, but that’s tomorrows story goodnight!

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