Sunday 2/9/12 Update

Reflection word for today is family and lo and behold it’s Fathers’ Day here in Oz, unbeknown to the person who suggested this word for us to meditate and reflect on!  Yep lots of phone calls home from Agnew before we got out of range. People are contemplating their lovely friends and family who are going through challenges and ill health and we are sending them all love. Of course we are here with the Wongai family who have in their big heart introduced us to their families, some their customs, language, bush tucker and dreaming stories. We share their aspirations to protect their country and joint responsibility for the planet.

Out and about on our walk today we came across the Heritage cemetery outside Lawlers – once a town of 8000 people.  Ironically the only thing remaining apart from that sad cemetery and the broken bottles and other 100 year old rusty things is a bloody intact looking Gunjable Station ( Woorabinda- Qld language for Constables or Police). Yes the authorities have a nice little brick building there after 100 years or so.

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We ran into Kado Muir’s cousin Tony with his business associates and ‘celebrity guest’ family members – yes that word again –  Ben Cousins and his Dad, Brian. They were out having a look at the country to develop work skill programs for Indigenous Youth. So we did the group photo with this football guru and another retired star Travis, and equipped them with a bag of information about uranium mining and the aims of the walk.

Bush tucker and healing plants included kita (turpentine plants) fruits and many others. Kado spotted a couple of wallabies. Undulating country beautiful rugged I have so much admiration for these desert people who didn’t just live here but developed such extraordinary social systems and co-existed with Nature here. Roo stew by camp cooks was so very tasty and Ari’s crepes were a huge success – she is a novice outdoor cook no longer.

Alls Well Earth Mum. We sleep at your beautiful creek tonight. Peace to you. Yawal.



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