Traditional Owners demand consultation on uranium

Traditional Owners demand consultation on uranium

The Walkatjurra Walkabout started at Yeelirrie on the 24th August, led by Traditional Owner, Kado Muir.  Days after leaving Yeelirrie, BHP Billiton announced that they had sold their uranium project to Canadian company, Cameco.

Kado Muir, Chairperson of the West Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (WANFA) stated; “Cameco has just wasted $430 million in buying the uranium project from BHP Billiton.  As the Traditional Owners we will never allow uranium to be mined at Yeelirrie or anywhere on our country.”

After walking for four weeks through country, the Walkatjurra Walkabout is now on the homestretch to Leonora.  They will arrive just after the Appeals Committee hands down their recommendations to the State Environment Minister, Bill Marmion, regarding Toro Energy’s proposed uranium mine at Wiluna.

Kado Muir continued, “We are seriously concerned about the impending approval of the uranium mine at Wiluna and the impacts and risks of transporting uranium through our country.  Toro Energy’s Managing Director Greg Hall’s flippant remark that the uranium will only be in communities for ten minutes a month shows blatant disregard for our safety.”

“It takes just ten seconds for one truck to have an accident, which would spill radioactive material into our town. We, the Traditional Owners of this land, are totally opposed to the mining and transportation of uranium in our territories.”

It is timely that the Walkatjurra Walkabout is out on country listening to the community concerns as there has been absolutely no community consultation from the Government on these issues.

Kado Muir concluded, “if Bill Marmion is interested in complying with free, prior and informed consent, we are inviting him to attend the WANFA meeting in Leonora on the 15th and 16th September to hear the concerns of our community”.

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