W.A Radiation for Regions

WA has an abundance of safe energy sources and highly resourceful people. Our future lies not in the controversial and contaminating uranium industry but in being a national and international leader in the world’s fastest growing energy sector – renewable energy generation.

It’s time to choose a better future.



About Marcus Atkinson

For over two decades I have been involved in Peace Walks that have covered many different issues. In 2003 I helped organize a 9 month walk from Roxby Downs, South Australia (home to one of the largest uranium mines in the world) to Hiroshima, Japan, (arriving on August 6th.) In 2005 I became a board member of Footprints for Peace and have acted as the International Coordinator in organizing walks through out the world for a Nuclear Free Future.
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2 Responses to W.A Radiation for Regions

  1. andi jaem says:

    HI Marcus

    just a suggestion to make the posts more inclusive. why don’t you put in WA and Australia have an abundance of safe energy and resourceful people

    thanks for keeping in touch. think of you all.



    • Hi Andi..
      Totally agree that not just WA, but all of Australia has an abundance of safe energy sources and resourceful people.. This add was put together in response to the Western Australian election on March 9th…

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