Walk poem by Winiata


A Poem from Winiata 14th May 2013-05-15


Well, here we are Walking for Country with Ayjindi, a 13 year old boy from Costa Rica, and resting on this Red Earth.

Overcast day but a child skipping along a muddy path.

Wind gently urging him forward.

Flags dancing on shoulders that have strengthened by each day.

And a fire that burns in hearts that have been ignited by love and pain – passion and wonderment.

One step at a time – maybe this cool breeze will respect our inner wish and carry our message of a nuclear-free future to Toro, and the Land will be preserved for these children’s children.

For there’s a song that the ancestors have passed on to some

So the little ones will listen and be warmed by the past.  For the future may not be as fragile as we think.

We are huddled together this grey morning drinking clean water and enjoying snacks and treats, but some sit alone for their dreams are private and quiet but just as important to the group as well,

New faces today energising us.

Same spirit moving forward.

One step at a time.

And the teenagers with their rebel abandonment take the lead banner – running into the wind without a care, forging forward, their silhouettes against this dank sky.

Looking and facing the horizon without hesitation – such bravery – not even knowing it’s brave.

Same spirit moving forward.

One step at a time.

And a beer bottle discarded in the bush – such temptation to smash against rocks by one of the young warriors.

I yell out ‘Your’e not going to throw that are you’

Which shatters his thoughts for a moment and passes it to me.

Different ages, timeless reality.

On this Dreamtime LAND.

Same spirit moving forward.

One step at a time.

3 thoughts on “Walk poem by Winiata

  1. Hey Marcus, the poem and the photos are wonderful and I so wish that I was there walking alongside you all, I have many wonderful memories of the 2012 walk. We can’t always do what we want I guess. However I am walking alongside of you all in spirit, my heart, my love and my spirit are all there wandering along the red dirt road. Cheers Joy Davison-Lee

  2. beautiful poem – great read. some familiar faces in the photos gayday AC Zac and u Marcus. I’m thinking about you. bloody uranium and the freedom you are all enjoying out there. Power to you Love Qld Andi


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