French walk ends with renewed commitment to stop uranium mining in Australia

It’s been a couple of weeks since the walk through the Rhone Valley in France finished.


After having time to reflect on the situation that France is faced with and the connection we have with the movement there due to Australia being one of the largest exporters of uranium.

IMG_1905Along the walk it really hit home that uranium from Australia had taken this same path over the last few decades and many of the accidents that have happened in France would have more than likely involved uranium that had been exported from Australia.



The global contamination by the nuclear industry around the world is some what beyond our grasp, as there are so many aspects of this dirty and dangerous industry in every step from Mining to Waste that it is hard to take it all in..


Just in this short 4 week walk we touched on so many aspects of the industry, from the enrichment facilities to the fabrication of fuel rods and the development of MOX fuel along with nuclear power plants that are nearing their use by date with the possibility of an extension in their license.


Bugey where we finished the walk has local community members fighting to shut down the nuclear power plant by it’s used by date is in 2016. There is also the concern of decommissioning and where all the radioactive material will be stored when this finally happens.  The local group made us extremely aware of the issues that they face. When they finally close down the plant then a whole new struggle begins to make sure that the decommissioning is done properly and that the radioactive material is isolated from the environment..



The problem that they and many others in similar positions have is the question of where will this be stored!!! ?  NOBODY wants the waste and NOBODY knows what to do with it!!!


It is unacceptable that this industry has been able to continue, and the fact that Australia is playing a major role in supplying uranium while also trying to expand the uranium mining industry here is something that we must all take responsibility for.


All along the way we heard stories of intimidation, bribes and coercion, but we also heard the stories from brave individuals who have stood strong against the industry even in the face of health concerns.


This has empowered many of us to fight even harder against the proposed uranium mines here and to work in collaboration with the global community to end the nuclear industry.


We hope that many of you will join us on the Walkatjurra Walkabout in Western Australia next year or become involved with groups in your own area.

Check out the video of the MADador who made a special appearance at the Bugey Nuclear Power Plant for a show down with the TORO BULL!!

There will be more information at in the coming months..


Here is some media articles from the walk…  Sorry they are all in French.

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