Walkatjurra Walkabout 2nd week

IMG_1122_2Well its been pretty hectic out here on the walk the last week or so and we have not really had a chance to send an update out. Sorry about that and here I go on trying to capture the last week of the walk…

IMG_2287 I probably should start with the break down off vehicles!!! I think that 4 years of walking out here have taken its toll on the kitchen truck. The clutch went out on us about three days ago and we have been limping it to camp each day while we check old abandoned vehicles in the bush for a possible spare part!! Our only other option is to drive 400km’s to Kalgoorlie for the part we need and we are not really keen on that idea as we had to do a mad drive there just 6 days ago to get new bearings for the trailer as they seized up coming down the back road from Yeelirrie.


Then just near Agnew a couple of days ago we had a massive storm that completely flooded our camp!! It all happened so fast at about 3am in the morning that most of the cars didn’t get moved in time and we had to spend most of the day digging them out of the mud ;-)!!

IMG_1262_2 Everyone is still in really good spirits and some are even finding it somewhat exciting even though Kristy car didn’t start after the storm for a few days and we were continuing with the walk and just towing it down the road for a few days until we figured out that it had some how got about 10 litres of water in the petrol tank!!

IMG_1242_2 So we are now camped at poison creek and all the vehicles are going again, except the truck and some of the mob are out here helping to have a go at it with some amazing bush mechanic skills.

IMG_1228_2 Kado’s stories along the way have been a real important part of people understanding the land that we are walking through and the history of this area. Glen Cooke an Elder from out Warburton way arrived a few days ago and now Roxanne and the kids from up at Wiluna are here with us as well. They have been sharing many stories of the land and culture around the fire and today they are showing people how to find honey ants as we camp for a few days here at Poison Creek.

IMG_1212_2 IMG_1223_2

Richard and Sandra Evans arrived on Friday night and Richard gave an inspiring talk this morning about how the Aboriginal led Western Australian Nuclear Free Alliance got started and Sandra collected some bush medicine and made a good healing tea for those are feeling a bit of a cold coming on after the big rain!!


Chris, Frank, Cyril and some of the mob from Leonora have been out here for the last few days and taking some of the young boys out hunting last night. They came back with a huge amount of food, so today we are feasting on the catch 😉

Although the walk has been extremely challenging this year for a number of reasons it has been a good reminder of how tough it can be out here. We have been encourage all along the way by Kado, Glen, Richard, Sandra, Roxanne and all the mob out here who are working so hard to protect their country and keep their culture strong.

We were also thrilled to here that the uranium price has dropped again to $28, which makes any uranium mine out here completely unprofitable. We also just heard that Toro Energy who are trying to open the uranium mine at Wiluna are having an extremely hard time financially and their share price has dropped to nearly a four year low 😉

We would all like to give a massive thanks to all the people who have been sending us messages of support and all those who have made donations to the walk.

We have managed to get most of the solar equipment that we need and just need to get a few deep cycle batteries to make it all happen. We will be looking at the situation with the kitchen truck at the end of the walk to see if it is worth setting it up on there for future walks. Or as the walks grow and are becoming a regular event out here there may be a need for us to upgrade the kitchen truck that has served us so well!!

Walkatjurra Walkabout 2014

The Bardi bus will be back on the walk next week as it also had a major steering failure and needed some major mechanical repairs to get back on the road.

So hopefully this last two weeks will see everything come together and we will have an awesome walk in to Leonora on the 21st of May with all the mob, the 20 plus children that are out here

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