Walk Update and gathering in Perth

Hi everyone..

Well the walk is nearly over and we will be back in Perth on Sunday the 25th.

Please come and join us at Earthwise in Subiaco on Sunday the 25th at 4pm for a dinner and talk about the walk.

We would love to see heaps of people and share stories from another amazing Walkatjurra Walkabout.. Please bring a plate of food to share..

For more info call Marcus on 0400505765

Also we have nearly reached our fundraising goal on Everyday Hero 😉

If you would like to make a contribution to help us reach our goal just click here… https://give.everydayhero.com/au/walkatjurra

All donations are tax deductible

 Here is an update from the last week!!

Poison Creek was full of water and we all benefited from a refreshing dip amongst the ancient river gums – blue and red dragonflies flitting, orange and back butterflies, birds singing, all enjoying the results of the refreshing downpour that only a couple of days previously at Agnew had left us all a bit damp.


Uncle Glen and Aunty Roxy gave us a fabulous day on our second rest day when they facilitated ad large community painting which we all contributed to – first putting on the ochre background then splashing on green and yellow using local plant branches as our paint brushes. The next step was to mark all the camp sites with black dots and surround them with semi circles symbolising people by the camp fire. Then we added black footprints of different sizes to signify the walkers of the journey, including paws around the site where we tragically lost Ginny, Lochie’s dog, to 1080 bait.

IMG_1312IMG_1324IMG_1325The next step was colourful flowers in lavender and other colours to contrast with, and bring out the ochre, and the final step was our handprints in black and white. We are all thrilled with the final work.

But there was more – Uncle Glen taking us out into the bush to look for tucker – we found a large witchetty grub (bardi) then soon after found a Bungarra goanna’s burrow, which Uncle Glen dug out and pulled the goanna out. We took it back to camp and Craig roasted it for us.

IMG_1349 From Jones Creek we have had three days of walking through mostly flat country, past the lush oasis of Doyle’s Creek and then later Boxer’s Well. Aunty Roxy, Chrissa and James walked with us and Roxy showed us some of the plants and bush tucker, including the delicious bush yams and silky pear.

IMG_1404 Frank and Cyril have had a lot of success with hunting Kangaroos and those that wanted to, have had a taste, Uncle Glen also showed us how to start a fire by sawing a woomera in the groove of a split log, a very energy intensive exercise!

IMG_1439 Kristi and Zoe and their families of 4 children each left us on Thursday as did Roxy, daughter Chrissa and grandson James. We were then joined by Tim, Susan, Stephanie, Suganda and Bindi and then later by Jay, Anna and Elizabeth

IMG_1359 We have had a full moon and also a bit more rain. Sean has now joined us and Richard Evans is back.

Bilbo is still looking for a solution to the truck gear box but in the meantime is doing a miraculous job of getting the truck to each new camp site. With only 30 km’s now to Leonora the truck will be limping in with out a clutch..


There is a lot of events planned for the next 5 days as we finish up another Walkatjurra Walkabout. We will keep you posted, but if any of you are in Perth, WA area and want to catch up with everyone then make sure that you come along to Earthwise in Subaco on Sunday the 25th at 4pm

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