Update from week three walking for a nuclear free future on the red-earth country of the Northern Goldfields.

Header 2 is a celebration of Wangkatja country, a testament to the strength of the community who have fought to stop uranium mining at Yeelirrie for over forty years, and a chance to come together to continue share our commitment to a sustainable future without nuclear.  It is a chance to reconnect with the land, and to revive the tradition of walking for country.

An update from week three walking for a nuclear free future on the red-earth country of the Northern Goldfields.

Hello again from the desert.

Guitar strumming, bird song, people of all ages calling out to one another and happy spirits flowing freely reprive us of six days walking from Yakabindie station. We’ve had new friends come and go, hunted and butchered our own (much anticipated) tucker. Stories from the world and stories from our hearts have been shared around the campfire every night feeling more and more like family rather then strangers. And flies flies flies.

We’re currently anticipating some sweetness in the form of a double birthday cake. Children running around once again make the camp a very lively place. Every day a new songwriter is discovered when the guitar enters their hands. We were serenaded last night by the slightly haunting chorus of cows in heat surrounding the camp. Nobody complained about “porridge again!” this morning, as our bodies were nourished by sweet rice pudding, as well as generous helpings of stewed dates and apples, and one young man could be seen chewing on the remnants of last nights homestyle kangaroo stew. The meat eaters in camp were very grateful, especially bilbo, who had spent half the day wrestling and bashing a truck tire.

We’ve all got foot sores, some since the beginning. We have a little sickness, but we’ve taken care of each other generously. It’s hard to believe that there are only ten more days and only five more walking days till the end of our journey, as we’ve only just started to find our place within this community. More than just highlighting the issue of uranium, this walk has given us an opportunity to find a way of life that supports us and values us all at the same time.

The way that we’ve come together is a beautiful step towards the world that we’re all working for.

Last night we had a bush cinema and showed pictures from the walk..  It is amazing how pictures from North pool and Yeelirrie seen like so so long ago.. You could hear everyone talking “was that really only 2 and 3 weeks ago..  Time moves very different and in many ways it feels like we have been out here for a couple of months!!!  But now the conversation is shifting within the group and many people are wishing that this was just the beginning and what will we do in one week when this journey comes to an end.

We also watched some talks on the big screen from the Martu people talking about the Kintyre uranium project by Cameo on their land..  Watch here

There are many questions from people about the nuclear chain and the way Australia fits in to the global nuclear industry, how that impacts on Aboriginal communities and ongoing resistance here and around the world.

Stay posted on the end of walk celebrations here in Perth – looking like 18th of September at Earthwise in Subiaco – but to be confirmed.

This year the walk had to spend some extra money on getting a kitchen truck and water trailer – we are still short $2,000 – but this will be really useful gear for the walks- other types of camps needed in the future and to share with other groups – We’d be so glad for any tax deductible donationsYou can donate here.

Always remember to tune in to Understorey –   and the Radioactive Show this week for all the latest nuclear and peace news.

If you have any questions then please feel free to call or email..

Marcus Atkinson: 0400 505 765   email: walk4country@gmail.com

Peace & Solidarity
Walkatjurra Walkabout Crew

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