Solidarity with Elijah and family

The walkers of walkatjurra walkabout are deeply saddened by the news of the young man that was murdered on the morning of the 29th August at Gribble Creek in Kalgoorlie. Since we heard the news we have shared messages and songs, offered support and walked in solidarity with the family and community of Kalgoorlie who are grieving the loss of Elijah Doughty.

Marcus McGuire, coming from Kalgoorlie has spoken to the walkers on the current situation, “the situation is not good and there will be more to come in the future if the culture of racism and violence continues”.

We learned that his 14th birthday was only the day before his life was taken. Elijah, a young community person was keen and chosen to go on the “return to country” camps this summer organised by Marcus McGuire. These camps are training young people to be youth leaders.

The disgusting comments coming through social media before the murder and now after the tragic event has shocked the whole nation and shown the deep racism that still runs through this country.

The Doughty family are obviously deeply saddened and are welcoming the whole community to come and pay their respects at Gribble Creek where the murder happened. This was one of Elijah’s favourite places where he rode is bike in his life cut way too short.

Walkatjuura walkabout is not only about stopping uranium mining it is also about coming together with Aboriginal people on country and acknowledging the history of genocide, violence and racism that is systemic in our culture and history today.

With heavy hearts we walk together with family and friends and the community of Kalgoorlie grieving the loss of the young person who was an up and coming youth leader and football star. We also walk remembering others that have lost their lives and the families that have lost loved ones to the racial violence of this country. We need this culture of racism to end, we need to stop these deaths and racial attacks on Aboriginal people and their community. This cannot continue.

Walkatjurra walkabout finishes the one month walk today in Leonora however we will continue the messages of solidarity when the bus arrives in Kalgoorlie on Tuesday and walk to Gribble Creek to pay our respects and show support to Elijah’s family and friends.


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