Phone banking help and events

Hi Everyone..

Sorry to all of you who are not in Fremantle / Perth area as there is some great events coming up!!

Feel free to pass this on to any friends and family here in Perth who may like to get involved with keeping Western Australia nuclear free….

We have some events coming up for the anti-nuclear campaign and really need your help to do some phone banking and promotions to make this amazing….

There will be people here to help with the phone banking and scripts for you to use, we just really need your help to make all the phone calls, so the more of us there are the easier it is…

Phone banking deets….

Please let me know if you can come along to help at any of these times….
Marcus: 0400 505 765

Or come along to the BUMP meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) – 6pm at the World End Studio – Mrs Trivett Lane Fremantle…..

Date Time Who
Friday 28th October 4.30 – 6pm Bilbo, Mia, Marcus
Tuesday 1st November 4.30 – 6pm Bilbo, Mia, Marcus
Wednesday 9th November 4.30 – 6pm Bilbo, Mia, Marcus

Here’s what we want to ask of people on the phone:

  1. To give them an update on uranium in WA
    1. There’s no uranium mines
    2. Three projects under assessment right now
    3. Labor and Greens opposed to uranium mining
  2. Call your Labor candidates to say you support the Labor party position opposing uranium mining
    1. The Labor party position is great – but we need to make sure they keep that position
    2. So we need people like you to re-enforce that this position is popular and important
  3. Come to one of our events in November to hear from local communities who are under threat from you mining and stand in solidarity with them to oppose this toxic trade
    1. We have a public meeting Wednesday 16th Nov – Navy Club in Fremantle where you can hear from community members
    2. Small action – from the office on one of the uranium companies Vimy – to Parliament to walk together with communities in opposition to uranium mining.
  4. Thank you for your support for this campaign – we’re nearly there…. Please get in touch with Labor or come along to one of the events….

Here’s the e-mail we’ll be sending out soon….

Right now there are three uranium mine proposals under consideration by the WA Government. The good news is that after 8 years since the ban on uranium mining was lifted in WA there are no operating uranium mines, the WA Labor party and the Greens party are opposed to uranium mining and election is around the corner.

Now more than ever we need your support to keep WA uranium free. We have some events coming up that we would love you to come along to Community Voices” and “Action for a Nuclear Free WA”.

You can also have a huge impact by calling your local candidates to show your support for reintroducing the ban on uranium mining in 2017. You can find your Labor candidates here, and your Labor MPs here, you can find your Greens Members here,  your Liberal candidates here and your Nationals candidates here. Or you can send a message to the leaders by signing the Uranium Free Charter here.


Community Voices – public meeting & film screening
Fremantle Navy Club – Wednesday 16th November 6pm – 8pm
Join with community representatives from the Pilbara and Goldfields who are fighting against uranium mining projects, come and hear about the struggle to protect country and culture against nuclear threats. We will also have a private screening of the short film “Walking for Country”.
RSVP here. or call 0415380808


Action for a nuclear free future
Friday – 18th November – 10.30am 10 Kings Park Road march to Parliament House by 11.30
In November we expect that the Appeals Convenor and the Environment Minister will be reaching their decision about the 3 uranium mine proposals under consideration. Now more than ever we need your support out on the street to show support for a nuclear free WA. This Action will start at the Annual General Meeting of Vimy Resources (behind plans to mine uranium at Mulga Rock) and will finish at Parliament House of WA. RSVP & Find out more here.

Please share this update with friends and family
Peace & Solidarity
Walkatjurra Walkabout crew

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