Four Uranium Mines approved in Western Australia

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Yesterday we heard the disgraceful news of a serious broken promise by WA Labor to allow the four uranium projects in WA to proceed – Yeelirrie, Wiluna, Mulga Rock and Kintyre.  This terrible decision is a betrayal of the many people, communities, Traditional Owners, trade unions, churches, and environment groups who placed their faith in Labor to keep WA uranium free.

Join us next Thursday 29 June at 8am Parliament House, Perth
Facebook event site  PLEASE INVITE & SHARE:
We have kept the uranium in the ground for this long and we will continue to stand in solidarity with Traditional Owners and communities to keep Western Australia nuclear free.  Join us next Thursday 29 June at 8am Parliament House, Perth for an KEEP WA URANIUM FREE SNAP ACTION.

The McGowan Government may think it is OK to let some of the worst decisions in the state’s history stand, but communities, environment groups, workers and Traditional Owners certainly won’t be backing down in our fight to prevent this bad decision turning into a series of toxic and polluting uranium mines.

Keep the pressure on the Labor Government to stop uranium mining. It’s up to us to stop four uranium mine projects that currently threaten special desert environments and cultural heritage sites. SO LETS KEEP ACTIVE NOT RADIOACTIVE!

This Friday could you come in to CCWA at West Perth and help make phone calls to let people know about the action at Parliament next Thursday..
If you can come in please call K.A 0401 909 332

This is a real defining moment so please continue to ring, email, text your Local Labor member and let them know how you feel.  All contacts can be found here.

Keep sending your selfie to WA Labor!!  Instructions here:

If you haven’t seen the video from Janice Scott – Spinifex woman and her message to Labor – please check it out here and send your message to Labor letting them know that their decision to allow WA uranium mines to proceed on Aboriginal lands was a clear broken promise and a kick in the guts for communities and the environment.

Join Janice and individuals across WA and send your own photo message to the new Government!

Janice’s call to action could not be clearer: “Let’s stand strong against uranium mining. This thing can only be stopped if we all come together and stand strong against it.” 

Check out Janice’s video here

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A lot of people put a lot of hope in WA Labor and their position against uranium mining before the recent election – Traditional Owners, unionists, pastoralists, scientists, workers, and communities all strongly supported the policy to keep WA’s uranium in the ground.

Due to an overwhelming response to this years Walkatjurra Walkabout we are now full…

BUT if you still want to come for a week or two then grab a few friends and drive on out.

Or, You can  register here to go on our waiting list and if a spot comes up we will let you know.

This years Walkatjurra Walkabout will be an important part of planning the next phase of the campaign.  Come and contribute, share and learn as we walk with Traditional Owners to Keep the uranium in the ground.

If you can’t make it to the Walkatjurra Walkabout, but you would like your voice to be heard. Please come to Parliment House on Thursday the 29 June at 8am.

Let Labor know that you will not allow uranium mining to happen in Western Australia.

Together we can still stop this

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2 thoughts on “Four Uranium Mines approved in Western Australia

  1. So saddened to hear this. I will be at work on these mornings. Is there a weekend rally or march or protest somewhere? What else could I do?

    Regards, Anton.

    1. Thanks Anton.. There will be a snap action / gathering at Parliament house in Perth on Thursday 29th at 8am to let Labor know that we will not allow uranium mining in Western Australia.. Please come and join us if you can and let everyone know to come to Parliament on Thursday morning.. We will be looking at some other events on weekends that people can attend soon..
      Thanks heaps

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