2018 Walk Schedule

Walkatjurra Walkabout 2018 Schedule

Sunday: August 5th – Leave Fremantle to Wongutha Birni Cultural Centre Kalgoorlie

August 6th – Yeelirrie rd Camp, 5km’s from Toro Gates

August 7th -Orientation & Workshops

August 8th – Start walk from Gates (5km’s to camp)

August 9th – 15km’s

August 10th – 15km’s

August 11th – 15km’s (Yeelirrie)

August 12th – Workshops (Yeelirrie)

August 13th – (Restday) (Yeelirrie)

August 14th – 15km’s

August 15th – 15km’s

August 16th – 15km’s

August 17th – 18km’s (Jones Creek)

August 18th – rest day

August 19th – Yakabindie

August 20th – 18km’s Lake Miranda (Camp up sandy rd)

August 21st – 20km’s (camp end of Sandy rd)

August 22nd – 10km’s (Agnew)

August 23rd – 15km’s (Table Well)

August 24th – 18km’s (Poison creek)

August 25th – Rest day

August 26th – 15km’s

August 27th – Doyles well

August 28th – 17km’s

August 29th – Kutu Ngarru

August 30th – rest day

August 31st – walk to Leonora

September 1st – Clean up and pack

September 2nd – Wongutha Birni Cultural Centre Kalgoorlie

September 3rd – Arrive Perth