2018 Walk registrations filling fast

Hi everyone.

We have had a massive response for the 2018 Walkatjurra Walkabout.

Spots are filling up fast and if you are keen to come you should register as soon as possible to secure you place on the walk.

You can register here
More info at www.walkingforcountry.com

For those of you that have been on the walks over the last 7 years, or have been on one of the many road trips that the Bardi Bus has taken, we are reaching out to you to GIVE SOME LOVE TO THE BARDI BUS.

We have just got back from Western Australia’s first radioactive exposure tour and the Bardi Bus needed some new bearings, Tyres and a few minor repairs. We also had to put her in for an inspection and pay the insurance and registration. This all came to around $4,000 and we are a little bit short!!!

Click here make a donation to the Bardi Bus

Please share this on your social media and let your friends and family know

If you feel like giving some extra love to the Bardi Bus you can also have a little fundraiser in your area ūüėČ

Contact me if you need any more information
Marcus: PH: 0400 505 765  Email marcus@footprintsforpeace.org

Stay tuned for more info on the Walkatjurra Walkabout.

Conservation Council and Traditional Owners continue legal fight to prevent extinction at Yeelirrie

We are not giving up!

You maybe well aware that we unfortunately lost the case in the Supreme Court to stop the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine and uphold environmental laws.

In a disappointing decision, CCWA and the three Aboriginal women from Yeelirrie, Shirley, Vicky and Lizzy vowed they would not accept this decision!  A decision that would allow the Yeelirrie uranium mine proposal
to go ahead, unique species to become extinct and environmental laws dismissed.

We have recently filed an appeal against this Supreme Court judgement that  highlights our commitment to preventing extinction and upholding what we believe are fundamental principles of environmental law.

If this decision is allowed to stand then the Environment Minister could sign off on the extinction of multiple species with the stroke of a pen, despite what the EPA and appeals processes say.

We are excited a high profile Senior Counsel will take on the case, pro-bono, which confirms this case is highly regarded and of significant importance for the environmental movement in Western Australia.

The Senior Counsel validates the necessary official messages of our case in upholding environmental law and challenging the legal processes by the State Government and industry on environmental protection.

His historic staunch defense of legal due process will demand this case has the highest level of legal authority as he challenges the issues of a poorly written law and over whether ministers should have the discretion to implement a proposal that overrides the EPA.

For more information click here 

To keep supporting this landmark case please share with friends and family.

As the stakes are raised, so are the prices – we need to fund this case to ensure the protection of our environment from these destructive proposals, so please keep sharing through your networks.


Contact Federal Environment Minister by Phone, Email or Mail.

Phone 02 6277 7920

E-Form Here 


The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP

Minister for the Environment and Energy

Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600

We are calling on the Federal Minister for the Environment and Energy to not proceed with Commonwealth approvals for the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine. This project would likely cause the extinction of unique subterranean fauna that have been found nowhere else on the planet.¬†¬†The proposed Yeelirrie mine does not meet critical environmental standards and puts unique species of subterranean fauna at severe risk of extinction.¬†In 2017 the former Western Australian Environment Minister went against state EPA advice and approved the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine –¬†a project that is likely to cause the extinction of multiple species.

Recently efforts in the Supreme Court of Western Australia by some local Tjiwarl native title holders and environmentalists to challenge this were unsuccessful and the threat is now urgent.

The Supreme Court decision doesn’t endorse the approval of the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine project but what it does highlight is the shocking WA Environmental Protection Laws.

We must not let this dangerous precedent of approving extinction stand.  The Federal Environment Minister, has the opportunity to turn the trend of our extinction crisis around and protect these unique species from becoming extinct.   Species have a right to life no matter how great or small. One extinction can massively disrupt an entire ecosystem. No one should have the right to knowingly eliminate an entire species from our planet forever.

Urge the Federal Minister to save these unique subterranean fauna from extinction and protect Yeelirrie from this destructive and dangerous industry.  Say NO to uranium mines that cause extinction   

Points to raise

  • The WA EPA and the Appeals Convenor concluded that this project should not proceed because it would cause extinction of multiple unique species – the project is not consistent with the WA Environmental Protection Act or the Federal Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act.
  • The previous Environment Minister let us down by approving Yeelirrie against the advice of the EPA and Appeals Convenor just weeks before the election and he lost his seat. Approving extinction is bad politics.
  • The evidence is clear, make your decision based on the undisputable science and evidence and protect against extinction.

For more information click here 

Hope to see a lot of you out on the Walk this year

Walkatjurra Walkabout Crew

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