Elections, Cameco and this years walk

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I’m just back from Melbourne where we had some great meetings, there is a lot of National support out there to stop Uranium mining in W.A. that is continuing to grown.

Vicky McCabe from Leonora, who is one of the co-chairs of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance also came to Melbourne and we delivered a letter to the Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg asking him to Stop the Clock on any Federal approvals and get on a plane to W.A and come sit on Country with the Traditional Owners.











The Walk this year is still in the planning and we are hoping to have dates set in the next few weeks.. It looks like it will be in August – September, but we will let you know as soon ans we have it all sorted..

There is a T-Shirt run being printed with the Walkatjurra Walkabout design done by Vicky McCabe and also another batch with the Lizard design.
There is also a small run of hoddies being done with the Lizard design on the back..
More on that next week..
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Some great news out this week was that the Australian boss of Cameco (the company behind plans to mine uranium at Kintyre and Yeelirrie) is moving back to Canada!

Last week Cameco posted a net quarterly loss of C$144 million!

They also wrote off the full value of the Kintyre project – despite having State and Federal environmental approval the project is now on Cameco’s books worth $0.

Cameco continue to say that Yeelirrie is a good prospect – but we think not. We’re squirreling away over here to challenge the decision to approve Yeelirrie. In any case there is a strong indication that none of the WA uranium project are economically viable and unlikely to be for a very long time.

There is an Election forum coming up on the 2nd of March at the Perth Town Hall – where you can come and ask politicians questions about the environment priorities. You can start lodging questions now through the Facebook page here. 

The fight continues – we are still battling a Government that has approved 4 uranium mines ignoring advice from the EPA and the communities. We need to do all we can to get rid of the current Government and replace these environmental thugs..


There’s plenty to do in the lead up to the election. This is such a great time to talk to your local candidates and put this issue on the agenda! So please take a few minutes to get involved – see below for a list of really simple and easy actions you can take.

Here’s some other things you can do…

You can have your say on all of them by signing the Uranium Free Charter here. 

banner_ufcYou can add your own message about these three projects – and an e-mail will be sent to WAs political leaders.

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