Wish List

 Walking for Country

The walks involve a lot of logistics as we will be basically a moving community.  Food, campsites, water, electricity, administration…all things happen along the road… and any donations to help us out would be appreciated!!    We will be in touch for further ways to help us out, but for now here is a list of physical things we need to collect…



Fresh veggies & fruit,  Flours,  Dry Yeast,  Soy milk / long life milk / powdered milk,

Seaweed / Miso / Tamari,  Bread / Wraps / Mountain Bread,  Eggs / Cheese

Cereals:  Muesli / Oats, Dried fruit / nuts/ seeds,

Spreads: Jam / Tahini / Savoury spreads / Honey / Peanut Butter

Grains:  Rice / Quinoa / Barley / Millet / Oats / Couscous

Pulses:  Beans / Chickpeas / Lentils,  Pasta / Noodles

Canned Goods:  Coconut Milk / Tomatoes / Corn / Beetroot

Vinegars: Apple cider/Balsamic /Brown Rice

Oils:  Olive Oil / Sesame Oil,  Pepper,  Pasta Sauces

Fermented Foods:  Sauerkraut / Pickles / Gherkins / Umeboshi

Tea and Coffee


Large pots / large Camp Ovens / Food storage containers / strainer /  wooden spoons / serving spoons / knives / peeler / grater / coffee plungers / chopping boards / washing up buckets / Gas cooker  / Gas Bottle

CAMPING GEAR and other things…

Tarps, Bamboo ground mats, Shade Cloth, Gazebo, Satellite Phone, Toilet paper,

Car upkeep stuff (eg oil, lube, tow ropes, coolant), Candles, Mozzie coils, Face fly nets

Solar showers, First aid – specifically blister tape, Art supplies  – rolls of canvass, pastels, water colours, oil paints, brushes etc), Material for banners

Sleeping bags, Swags to borrow, Cups/plates/cutlery, Pillows for sleeping, Warm blankets, Foam mattresses, Old musical instruments

All donations would be greatly appreciated, big or small!

You can drop off donations at Senator Scott Ludlam’s office,

8 Cantonment St, Fremantle, Mon – Fri 9-5pm.

Many thanks in advance!!

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